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Welcome to the website for Taiyo Shirai, a Japanese American composer and music producer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.​ As Taiyo Ky he creates romantic indie music in both English and Japanese, recording lush instrumentation over drums inspired by his love for instrumental hip hop. Under the pseudonym Mr. Shirai he creates lofi hip hop and instrumental beats often using original sample recordings to create both laid back and more hard hitting tracks.

He also currently runs the music production house Sonic Lobby, with projects undertaken such as a television show in Malaysia, and advertisements in Japan. To find out more, click on the links below.

アーティスト名「Taiyo Ky」ではシンガーソングライターとして英語・日本語の楽曲、
「Mr. Shirai」名義ではローファイヒップホップ やビート系の楽曲をリリース。

現在は音楽制作ハウス「Sonic Lobby」を経営、過去にはマレーシアのテレビ番組や日本の企業の楽曲を提供。


Hope You Notice (Album)
Now available for physical CD
pre-order in Japan

The album Hope You Notice is now available for pre-order in Japan! 

The extended version of the "Sukinara Sukito" EP is included.

​「Hope You Notice」アルバムが待望のCD化!ボーナストラックとして初の日本語詞によるEP『好きなら好きと』も追加収録